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Are you Living Outside Your Means?

Listen to the Real Talk Ladies Podcast: Are You Living Outside Your Means?

In this Real Talk Ladies podcast, Karen Dear & Kimberly Deann talk about a CNBC segment by Ester Bloom discuss-ing the percentage of women who are living paycheck to paycheck. Also, did you know that you should have 6 months to a year of your salary saved for an emergency fund?!?

Listen to hear your Real Talk Ladies guides real talk it out on how we can begin the process of living within in your means -- as well as learn how to negotiate your rent AND about Karen holding Kim accountable to NOT impulse buy some beautiful rose gold plates.

The tactical takeaways for this episode are:

  1. Assess your last 6 months to a year of spending to see what you're spending your money on each month

  2. Set a budget ... and manage to it each month

  3. See where you can cut down or negotiate lower rates

  4. Get an accountability partner

We're all on this life journey together ... especially the financial fitness one, and your guides are looking for help as well as wanting to help you. Join the conversation on our Facebook page @RTL social - we can even create a group to hold each other accountable. Also, visit our website to download a screen image for the takeaways!

Download our takeaways for your phone to save for a good reminder, send to a friend or keep for a rainy day.

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