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When To Upgrade Your Career

Listen to the Real Talk Ladies Podcast: When to Upgrade Your Career

In this Real Talk Ladies podcast, Karen Dear & Kimberly Deann talk about when its time to move on up or out of your current job -- especially when dread to go to work and be at work is prevalentor if your work issues are seeping into your personal life on the regular.

Listen to hear your Real Talk Ladies guides talk it out on how to prepare to upgrade your career -- they even talk through "finding your passion" and how an attitude change may have to sustain you until you find something else.

The tactical takeaways for this AMBITION episode are:

  1. Evaluate your situation: What is making you feel unsatisfied?

  2. Set your goal and plan how you will get there.

  3. Start your plan.

  4. Do the damn thing- Take the Leap!

As we navigate our careers, talking it out with other people can provide some valuable insight and help steer you in the right direction for you. We are here for you! Join the conversation on our Facebook page @rtlsocial.


Download our takeaways for your phone to save for a good reminder, send to a friend or keep for a rainy day.

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