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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Listen Now To Episode 9: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

In this romance episode of Real Talk Ladies, guides Karen & Kim discuss how, while breakups don't ever get easier, there are some steps you can take to aid you in communicating effectively why you're just not into a particular guy you are dating, including:

  1. Reflect on "why" it's not working out with this person for you

  2. Be human and treat this person as you would want to be treated

  3. Make it a clean break and don't woodwork him

As always, we would love to hear from you, our tribe, to learn some of the ways you've conquered break ups. We certainly don't have all of the answers on this rough subject, and are always open to learn from others. Chat with us on our Facebook, twitter or Instagram - all @rtlsocial.

We hope you enjoy!


Here's a graphic to store our takeaways as a reminder when the dirty work of letting a dude down comes along.

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